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I’ve Got A Plan July 18, 2017

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So, I probably (or probably don’t) owe you an explanation.  To those tried and true gluttons for punishment that still read my silly little blog every three months or whenever I opt to write a post updating everyone that I have no updates. Well, your patience has been rewarded.  Kind of.

Over the past several years I seems to have been trying to disprove Einstein’s theory regarding doing the same things over and over again and expecting a different outcome.  Turns out, he’s right!  Who knew?  Oh, well, everyone but me, apparently.  As I found myself getting a tad too complacent with all things Grey Goose related (dating, online dating, friendships, career, social life, etc….), I decided that it was time to shake things up a bit.  Yeah, yeah, I’ve said that before and my big ‘shake up’ was usually to try a different dating site.

As I have a significant birthday on the horizon (do the math, you can figure it out), I decided it was now or never to shake things up.  I had been talking about wanting to move for years but never had the guts to give up my business, my friends and all that was familiar to me and, essentially, start over.  Well I did it.  I really did it!  And I’m thrilled and excited and scared and nervous and hopeful and optimistic for the 1st time in way too many years.

I moved 2 states away.  I sold all my investment properties in my prior home state, walked away from my business that I worked so very hard to start and build 20+ years ago, said some very hard good bye’s to friends and family, sold a lot of my belongings, packed up the rest and moved.  As I was making the 2 day trek to my new home, I was in a bit of disbelief that I had just literally walked away from my old life.  Okay, driven, but you know what I mean.

I have a house that I love in a wonderful neighborhood.  I’ve met some terrific neighbors.  I had 2 existing friends that lived in said new town (1 has been amazing and 1 I have yet to see) and I know that I will make more.  It’s been an adjustment and the move itself was less than stellar, but I’m getting my bearings and excited to see what this new life of mine brings me.  I am officially unemployed and have no idea what I want to do career wise, but I’m not worried, I know I’ll find something and land on my feet.  Although I sometimes take the scenic route to get there, I always do.

I know that those overly literal folks that tend to pop out of the woodwork to bash and state the obvious and insulting will probably miss the entire point of this post by telling me that I can’t run away from my problems.  That I just moved them to a different geographic location.  To those people, I say ‘no shit’.  I didn’t run away, I am the same me as I always was, but I’m a better version of me.  An optimistic one.  A hopeful one.  A content one.  Will my dating life be any better here than it was there?  That remains to be seen, but I’m just not worried about it.

For those of you that ‘get me’, you know that going with the flow is not a strong point of mine.  That needing/wanting a plan with clear to follow footsteps is a big thing for me and my astrological sign.  That trusting the universe to take care of me has never been my ‘thing’.  My plan is no plan.  Really.  I AM trusting in the universe to lead the way.  I’m not stressed, I’m not sad, I’m not discontent.  I’m happy.  Truly happy.  It’s been a very long time since I’ve been able to say that and mean it.

Don’t worry that this blog will transform into anything than it always has been.  Funny daily happenings.  ‘Interesting’ dating stories.  Introspective and boring posts thrown in here and there.  The odd mention of TD (yuck).  Basically a slightly (or immensely) sarcastic spin on all things Grey Goose will continue.  I’ve unpacked my last box, put away all my old ‘clutter’ (figuratively and literally) and am excited to see what the future holds ……….


Deleted …. And, What Did You Just Ask Me? May 22, 2017

I deleted my last online profile.  Again.  I also waved goodbye to Bumble.  Yes, Again.  I have neither the time nor inclination to do the online dating ‘dance’ right now.  To give you an idea, here are the last 3 interactions I’ve had with online guys:

Bachelor #1: Hi, what are you doing tonight?

Me: Going to an outdoor concert with a group of friends, You?

Bachelor #1: I’m in Costa Rica.  Who are you going with?

Me: Oh, well you win!  I hope you’re having an amazing time.  I’m going with a group of friends that I go with every year.

Bachelor #1: Do I know any of them?

Me: What the fuck?! We’ve never met, how would I know?  Uhm, I have no clue if we have any friends in common

Bachelor #1: I know, LOL

end scene……….

Bachelor #2 is the one that I met last Monday.  He texts me Friday morning to see if I was in town this weekend, as I’ve been away the past 3 weekends.  I let him know that I actually AM in town this weekend!  And then nothing …….. nice.  The most annoying part is that, just for a millisecond, I allowed myself to get a little excited that he wanted to see me again.

Bachelor #3 texts me with ‘hello beautiful’ about every 3 days while making no effort or mention of ever actually meeting.  2 days ago he sent me a flower emoji.  Today he sent me a ‘thinking of you, Grey Goose’.  I will NEVER understand the ‘penpal’ mentality of so many people online.  If I want to text one liners with someone twice a week, I can do that with friends.  Why go on a dating site if you never want to meet?

So, for now, I will stick with getting my butt in gear for that big change that I mentioned a post or two ago and not worry about men.  Or boys, as the case may be….


Don’t Ask What You Don’t Want To Know… May 17, 2017

I’ve long subscribed to this way of thinking.  Also known as ‘bury your head in the sand’.  I’ve almost perfected it.  Almost.  Not always the best way to go about (or not go about as the case may be) things.  On my never ending quest to evolve and stop being such a whiny baby, I am trying to be an adult about some thing.  Just some.  No need to panic.

Remember Repo Man?  The seemingly great guy from Bumble that I never actually met?  The one who started a ‘relationship’ with (aka, slept with her) the day before we were supposed to meet?  The one who checked in on me the entire time he was dating said train wreck?  The one who, when he broke up with said train wreck, told me that he wanted to meet but wasn’t quite ready yet?  The one who, when he was ready, and after several phone calls, proceeded to cancel our 2nd date due to his dad being sick never to be heard from again?  Yeah, that one.

It’s been bugging me as to what ever happened.  Yes, I know, but I am apparently no longer the gal that didn’t give a shit what guys thought and knew that if a guy passed me up, that it was his loss and not mine.  Damn.

As neither of us ever unmatched the other on Bumble, we could both see that the other was still on there.  He even changed his profile photo about a month ago. What?  He’s right there, on my home page!  Anywhoo, today is the day I figured I would ask.  Couldn’t hurt, right?  Yes, I know “fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me”.  I always kind of knew in the back of my mind that he was playing with me.  That I was his Plan B.  I joked about it, until I realized it was true. Oh.  Shit.

So I texted him today asking what ever happened.  And he told me.  And although I know full well that it had nothing to do with ‘me’, it still made me feel like shit.  He apologized for being a flake.  He apologized for not contacting me.  He apologized for not following through.  He claimed that he didn’t want to take me on the ‘roller coaster ride’ that he was on.  I LOVE roller coasters!  Well, not the emotional ones.

He has been ‘off and on’ with his ex.  The ex that I counseled him on.  The one that he said was thoughtless and self-centered, yet gorgeous.  The one that he absolutely didn’t see a future with.  You know the 1st fucked up thought that came to my mind when reading this?  Well, why wouldn’t he call me during one of his ‘off’ times?  How messed up is that?! I know full well that I should thank him for not dragging me into his indecision, but instead I wondered what it was about me that made him (and so many others) decide that I wasn’t even worth exploring? Damn, I hate days like this ……



I Think I’m Dating A 13 Year Old Girl May 16, 2017

No, not really, but I knew that would get your attention. 😉 As is my new MO when writing a post, I justify my absence as ‘nothing interesting going on’.  This time, however, I have not written in a while because I have A LOT going on.  Big changes are in the works.  BIG.  Not ready to divulge the details as of yet, so for now, I will update you on the average 49 year old’s adventures on Bumble.  I have 3, count ’em, 3 whopping bachelors to fill you in on.

As the universe, and several select big mouthed friends have suggested (and by suggested, I mean they full on insult me and think nothing of it), I need to expand my horizons when considering men.  As I’ve explained umpteen times before, I am open to all sorts of men.  Tall ones, short ones, fat ones, skinny ones, cute ones, not so cute ones, quirky ones and just about every other option out there.  Oh, aside from incarcerated.  Or drug addicted.  Oh yeah, or smokers.  Sorry, not kissing an ashtray.  I really do care more about personality, kindness and intelligence more than looks.

Anywho, bachelor #1 is sweet as can be.  We have a lot of personality traits in common.  He’s smart and considerate and kind.  He also sends me at least one selfie a day.  Uhm, what?  I don’t understand that.  I don’t take, nor do I send, selfies.  As we’ve already met in person, I know what he looks like.  I can’t quite figure out the thought process behind this constant influx of selfies.  After the first couple, I responded with ‘cute’ or ‘love that shirt’.  After the 10th, I just don’t respond anymore.  It’s just weird.  I don’t know what to say.  They’re all PG, mind you, but still.  We met last Monday for cocktails and he was as cute and interesting in person as I expected him to be.  He was also every inch shorter than me that I feared.  As in six.  Six inches.  (*insert that’s what she said joke here) SIX INCHES shorter than I am.  Can’t do it.  He is almost literally half my size in every regard.  I hope he understood my ‘friend vibe’, but I fear he didn’t.  He even toasted to ‘new friends’ when we met.  That tells me he gets it.  The deluge of selfies and ‘good morning’ and ‘good night’ texts however, does not.

Bachelor #2 I think I am going to opt out of meeting.  He too likes to send selfies.  He too is shorter than me (but only by 3 inches).  He also seems exceptionally self involved and keeps telling me how awesome a friend and person he is.  Okaaaaaay.  Contrary to popular belief, I do actually think the best of people until they prove me wrong.  I do feel that people that announce certain traits of theirs are a bit disingenuous.  Why would you announce that you’re not a player?  Why would you announce that you’re an amazing friend?  Why would you announce that you’re very protective of all your 437 female friends?  Maybe it’s just me, but I think those that feel the need to announce how amazing they are, usually aren’t.  We also have a mutual acquaintance in common.  He thinks she’s awesome.  I think she’s a complete shit-show.  I’m just not getting a good ‘feel’ for this one.

Bachelor #3 I met last night and he is every bit as handsome as I had hoped.  He’s also every bit of his 6’2″ height.  I’ll tell you more about this one as I figure it out! 🙂


Karma or Just Common Sense? March 10, 2017

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So, today is the day that *someone* decided that he just HAD to go to MY beachfront haven destination without 1) coordinating with me so that I could go at the same time or 2) asking me any sort of advice or tips (he’s not been in 10 years and I go twice a month).  As we all know, my inability to join him this weekend when he already well knew I needed to be in town earned me a 9 part ‘our schedules are just TOO conflicting’ break up text.

In direct contrast to my ‘norm’ of obsessing over it, blaming myself, trying to change his mind (yes, I’m just THAT pathetic sometimes) or sending a completely insincere “have a great weekend” text, I have done nothing.  None of the aforementioned things.  What I did do though, completely coincidentally, was to log into FB and see a post from someone stating that the wait times at the border are LONG.  As in more than an hour.  Which, of course, I would have warned him about as going on a Friday afternoon/evening is always a nightmare.

As he didn’t bother to ask my advice or opinion, he will be left to find out for himself.  And I couldn’t be happier about that.


Friends? March 8, 2017

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Funny how different people interpret things different ways.  Funny how, when presented with the exact same information, different people come to completely different conclusions.  Funny how when 9 ‘friends’ were posed with the same facts, I got 9 different outcomes.

One of my favorite (and by favorite, I mean annoying) habits is to overthink things.  ALL things.  Even things that aren’t my fault.  Even things that I could initially interpret as my being blameless, then proceed to twist and fret over things until I can pinpoint what I did wrong.  I do NOT recommend this as a way to live your life.

Anywhoo, remember that awesome 9 part text I received on Saturday morning?  The one that contained not only a ‘break up’ but also managed to blame me for it?  Yeah, that one.  Here’s another fun fact about me.  I own my shit.  I may be rude at times.  Or un-thoughtful.  Or completely ridiculous.  I own it and accept responsibility.  If I really caused the break up text, then fine, tell me.  I’ll accept it and move on.  Although I totally didn’t, btw….

I wasn’t at that point yet.  I was still analyzing absolutely everything about our text message exchange.  And one of my friends suggested I just read the text messages to all of them.  One exceptionally ‘awesome’ friend instructed me to ‘read it exactly as written and not to insert words/phrases/emotions that weren’t actually there’.  Uhm,  thanks ‘friend’.  Anyway, I ended up reading the text exchanges to a total of 9 of my friends over a 2 day period.  Really, why obsess over things on my own when I can annoy the hell out of friends?

Here are the outcomes of these 9 friends’ opinions once they were all presented with identical information.

1 friend told me to get over it and walked away midway through my text message narrations

1 friend told me that I was misinterpreting what was written and to give him another chance

1 friend told me it wasn’t, in fact, a break up

1 friend told me it was completely my fault

4 friends told me that he was an immature asshole and there was someone better out there for me

1 friend interrupted me and changed the subject to her past dating life

According to these results, I’ve decided that:

  1. This WASN’T my fault
  2. I probably did dodge a bullet
  3. I have 2 too many ‘friends’



 Listening & Hearing Are Two Completely Different Things…. March 6, 2017

Or something like that.  Cheryl, one of my lovely (and apparently bored) followers has asked for an update on Mr. Met In Person. As I try my best to oblige (and really have nothing better to do), here ya’ go!

I met Mr. In Person well, in person.  Duh.  We had a great talk and really hit it off.  He asked for my number, I got all giddy and ridiculous and thought how awesome it was for someone to ask, in person, for my number rather than going through the angst and potential disaster of  meeting someone from online.  Yey me.

He then proceeded to not call me.  Super.  Once we finally did connect, he asked me out.  Yippeee!  However, it took us several tries for us to get our schedules in sync.  He works ridiculously long hours and is very VERY set in his schedule.  Although I’m a busy gal as well and often escape out of town on weekends, I tried my best to accommodate his limited availability.

We went out several times and really seemed to hit it off.  He’s a GOOD guy.  Good enough that I sort of forgave his admittedly shit-show of a personal life and ‘situation’ with his not yet to be ex wife.  Oopsie, he kinda forgot to tell me that fun tidbit until last week.  He still shares a house with his not yet ex wife and their son.  As ridiculous as that sounds to me, I do have friends that have done the same thing for the perceived benefit of their child.  While I don’t agree with this and feel that people don’t give their kids enough credit for ‘knowing what’s going on’, it’s not my place to say, I’m not a mom.

Anyway, he tells me all the complicated ins and outs of his personal and work life and I decided, because I’m the queen of bad decisions and giving people the benefit of the doubt, that I can deal with this.  We’d been out several times at that point (all oddly odd times as his schedule truly sucks and he is unwavering in his ‘norm’).  We spoke a little about the upcoming weekend that I would be in town and that he wouldn’t have his son with him.  I was very much looking forward to spending some quality time with him as all our prior dates were pretty much 2 hours long.  Exactly.  We hadn’t spoken about any specific plans for the weekend, but I let him know that I was looking forward to it and he replied in kind.

We spoke a bit about my vacation home as well and how I would love to take him there at some point in the future as it is in a place that he hasn’t been in 10 years and was looking forward to going back to.  Look at us proceeding at a normal (whatever that is) pace!

I was in said vacation place Saturday when I received his excited text telling me that he was planning a trip to said town the following weekend.  The weekend that we had talked about my need to be at home and how much I was looking forward to seeing him. IN town. He said he hoped I would be able to join him in said vacation locale and that he already booked a hotel.  Uhm, wait.  First of all, I own a place there, on the beach.  As he neither knows what part of the beach or even the general location of my place, how did he know where to book a hotel?  Why wouldn’t he wait to talk to me and coordinate a weekend that we could both be there?  Why, after 10 years of not being there, did he have to go right then and there?  Of course, I didn’t say any of these things to him.

What I did say was that I couldn’t get out-of-town that next weekend and that I was sad that he chose the weekend we had already spoken about doing something in our home town together to travel and that I had been looking forward to being his tour guide when we did make it to said vacation destination.  What I got in return was a 9 part text message explaining that our schedules are apparently too conflicting and that he doesn’t have the time, or inclination to pursue a romantic relationship right now.  What.  The.  Fuck.  I am quite certain that if I had said that I could drop everything and be at the whim of his stupid spur of the moment ridiculousness, I wouldn’t have gotten said break up text, but as I live in reality, that’s not what happened.  I am sad, mad, disappointed and a bit astounded that he did this. It makes absolutely no sense to me.

A fun little aside is the entire text message thing.  He hates text messaging.  I am of the mind that text message is for short little ‘nothing’ messages (hi, how are you? thinking of you, have a good day, etc…) and NOT for any sort of serious conversations.  We actually had this conversation on Tuesday when we last saw each other. He agreed.  And he still opted to break up with me via text……awesome.