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Guest Blogger(s) August 2, 2012

As I seem to suck at remembering that a blog on internet dating should actually include stories of internet dating, I figured I could use some help.  You’re welcome. 🙂

Matthew, who has a terrific blog of his own, has opted to share his tales of all things internet dating on my blog, for all of us to share.  His story starts here.  I can’t wait to see if he has as many challenges as I seem to!  Uh, I mean …… good luck Matthew!

Susan, who just wrote a book on what types of men to avoid in this awesome world of dating (online or otherwise).  I can’t wait to read her book!


2 Responses to “Guest Blogger(s)”

  1. Matthew Says:

    Holy cow….and honorary page all to myself!!!??? Well, at least until other people contact you and they want to guest write too. I hope I do you proud on here GG. And trust me…if I’m in the dating world again there will most certainly be challenges. I’m typically good at relationships…not dating (if that makes sense).

    • Makes total sense Matthew! Although I am ‘good’ at dating, I hate it and am much better (and a much better person) at relationships 🙂

      I have no doubt you will do me proud, my friend!

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