The Life & Times of a 54 Year Old Online Dater

Thoughts on My Experiences In Search of Love & Companionship, 10 Years Running

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The Perfect Example March 27, 2011

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For those of you that don’t actually experience the horror excitement of on-line dating, here is a link to something that pretty much sums it up.  After more than a year performing my ‘social experiment’ (aka, trying to find someone who doesn’t bug the shit out of me that I have any desire to go on multiple bike rides with and who doesn’t run away from me),  I have concluded that while it can be fun, online dating is, at the very least, a mixed bag.   Sorta like going to Vegas.  Sometimes (rarely) you get lucky, most times you bust, the house almost always wins but you do usually get free drinks out of it! 🙂

And now, for your viewing pleasure : (and please be impressed, this is my 1st ever link posting)