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My Winter Vacation …… November 14, 2010

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Well, as I know the 2 of you that follow this blog have been wondering all week; how did the vacation go and did I finally get lucky?  The story (long winded or cliff’s note’s version? okay, long winded it is!) 😉 Oh fine, here’s the cliff’s notes version: eat, drink, tan, eat, drink, tan, drink, drink, drink, eat, tan, shop, drink, eat, drink …. from probably 8am ’til 3am every day 🙂

Now for the long winded version: 1st day, I board the ship (i won’t bore you with the details of the whole red-eye fiasco and how I feel that whoever dreamt that gem up should be shot), find my room and unpack.  I then head up on deck to discover that YEY! I was not only NOT the youngest one board, I wasn’t the oldest either!  Of course, as I had been on board for probably an hour at that point, I’d already visited the bar twice. 🙂 Anyway, it was a great mix of people but sadly, most were couples!  Awww, how romantic …….. NOT for me!  There were a few groups of husband-free women travelling together but after attempting to engage them in conversation and getting a less than warm response, I figured I’d go back to my old stand by.  Duh, hang by the bar & just talk to random people!

The 1st night is always the most nerve wracking as that is when you get to meet your tablemates for the entire week.  I have always lucked out and gotten great table assignments, so although I am usually not worried about things like this, I was a little.  Of course, in order to make a good impression, I decided not to drink much before dinner.  Yeah, well that didn’t last long as dinner wasn’t until 8:45pm and I discovered this great martini bar on board!  *swoon* I was in heaven!

Anyway, yes, I show up a bit tipsy, but thought I hid it okay to meet everyone and they are all really nice!  Oh, that would be all except for the icky stick up her ass lady who sits down next to me, has perfect posture (probably due to the stick up her ass), sticks out her hand like a drill sargeant, barks her name at me (while never once looking in my direction) and talks with an English accent although she is a native of DC …….. yeah, you know where this is going.  I refused to say a single word to her all night and she was happy as a clam to ignore me as well.  The rest of the table, however, was lovely!  Yey me!

Oh, I am getting long winded so here goes: great table mates! amazing couples that i met at the martini bar on night #1! totally cute guy that swears up and down he offered me a seat when I’m pretty sure that I just sort of plopped down that I met on night #2!   A great couple from Florida, one from South Carolina a hodgepodge of other wonderful people and they all helped to make my vacation a terrific one.   I know, I know, you don’t want to hear about all the great people I met, you just want me to get down to brass tacks.

Did I meat meet anyone?  Well the answer to that one my friends, is a sort of.  I’m not quite sure how to categorize us (and by ‘us’, I mean, uh, I don’t know).  He was cute and charming and witty and sweet and although I didn’t really see him during the days due to, well, I’m not sure, we hung out most nights.  And by hung out, I don’t mean hung out.  There were a couple of drunken hookups the 1st two nights (uh, did you miss the daily rundown? there was a lot of drunken everything) and then, well, those stopped.  It’s as if we were doing things somewhat backwards.  I’m not quite sure what happened actually, because although the hookups stopped, he still had dinner with us every night and hung out with me for hours on end.

As is pretty par for the course, I do believe that I have plopped myself into the friend zone once again (which, although I’m fine with as he’s a terrific guy, the alternative would have been great too).  We said goodbye that last night, he gave me some very sweet kisses, and promised to keep in touch and asked that I do the same.  What that means in the long run, I don’t know.  Well, I do know ~ it’s the vacation equivalent of ‘I’ll call you’.  Due to his job and inaccessibility to a phone or internet for weeks at time, I guess I really shouldn’t get my hopes up (but that just wouldn’t be my style, now would it).

There’s just so much more I’d like to know (and be able to remember) about him.  I don’t meet truly good-hearted guys often and know he would be an amazing friend to have ……….. *sigh* I just hope I didn’t fuck everything up with my oddly needy antics. Boo me.