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Maybe I Should Give This Cynical Bitch Thing A Break December 16, 2010

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Well what do you know?  I guess I’m just not a 1/2 is glass full sorta gal afterall.  So the cute blonde that was supposedly moving here and invited me to lunch today (after calling me the wrong name and telling me he was in an area of town that doesn’t really exist) is actually here.  Go figure!  I sent him a snarky e-mail this morning pretty much stating that I had no plans to meet him for lunch today as I hadn’t heard from him and eluding to the fact that I didn’t even think he was here.  Be proud of me though, I did stop short of blatantly calling him a liar. 😉 What?  That’s a big step for me!  Anywho, I sent him my phone number in the e-mail and he pretty much called me 4.5 seconds later.

Nice voice and very polite.  I’m still not meeting him for lunch today, but he did invite me to an art walk tonight.  I’m mulling that over before I call him back (and don’t act so surprised that I sent him to voicemail).  I’ll keep you all (3) posted!