The Life & Times of a 54 Year Old Online Dater

Thoughts on My Experiences In Search of Love & Companionship, 10 Years Running

Reality Check November 30, 2016

Before you all two think that my entire dating life has turned around and is going swimmingly, I feel the need to remind you that this is, of course, ONLINE dating, so there will always be those clueless people that make you scratch your head and wonder how they have survived so long.  Here’s just a couple while I work on my next actual date post! *oooh, the suspense*

Tilted Kilt: chatted a bit on Bumble.  Didn’t have much in common but what the hell, right?  He suggested we meet.  I agreed.  He suggested that we meet at Tilted Kilt.  I disagreed.  For those of you not having had the pleasure of experiencing a Tilted Kilt, it’s sort of an upscale Hooters.  Except that the uniforms are smaller.  Much smaller.  And the waitresses’ boobs are lifted to just about 2″ below their chin.  He didn’t understand why I wanted to go somewhere else, so I explained, simply, that I am not a guy.  Duh.  We never actually ended up meeting.  No great loss.

Clueless: to recap, on bumble the girl swipes left or right to signify interest.  If you swipe right on someone who has also swiped right, you are able to communicate.  So I swiped right.  He apparently swiped right.  I sent a quick (and boring) ‘Hi, you came up as a match today so I wanted to say hello’ blah, blah.  He writes back and the conversation goes something like this:

him: huh, I don’t remember ever seeing you before or swiping right

me: that’s very flattering

him: oh, sorry, I didn’t mean that

him again: but I don’t remember seeing you at all

me: nice of you to apologize, but then you said it again….

mutual: unmatch …

There have been a few other ‘interesting’ matches, but I will save those for another day.  Stay tuned for date #2 recap with 007!


Cold Weather = Cold Heart? November 14, 2010

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It sucks being single in the winter.  It would be great to have someone to snuggle with.  I love my dogs, but they just don’t cut it sometimes.  Where are all my snuggle partners (2 legged ones please) hiding?

While I do love my alone time, I really do miss having someone to take care of (gasp).  I love being in a relationship.  To know that there is someone that I can talk to about anything, that I can laugh with, dream with, cook for, support and care about.  The unfortunate part of this is that although I love being in a relationship (and think i’m pretty damn good at it), I hate dating and last time I checked, you have to do the dating part in order to get to the relationship part.

I am great at relationships ………… I suck at dating …… 😦  Boo me ……..