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Sea Shells December 2, 2020

Filed under: internet dating — Grey Goose, Dirty @ 5:47 am

One of my main hobbies while at my beach haven (aside from my new daily routine of doing water aerobics with a bunch of geriatric ladies – don’t judge me) is looking for cool shells while I walk the beach.

Shells. like people, absolutely fascinate me.  There are so many different shapes and sizes.  Appearances and histories.  I wonder how a shell is formed out of ‘nothing’.  So many curves and colors and textures and intricacies.  Some are beautiful beyond belief.  Some are so fun and colorful that you can’t help but smile when you find one.  Some are so amazingly formed.  Some are little more challenged in appearance.  Some have holes in them.  Some are chipped.  Some are broken beyond belief. Some, you pick up to look at; something crawls out and you scream, drop it and run away.

Regardless, they are all beautiful in their own way.  Just like people.  Just like people as well, some are broken.  Some are chipped.  Some are a little less pretty to look at.  Some have a weird appearance.  Some make you wonder what the hell ever lived in them.

Some get scooped up by me to add to my collections.  Some I absolutely love.  Some I just kinda like.  Some make me smile.  Some freak me out and some make me drop them like a hot potato and leave them on the beach for someone else to find.


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