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My Sincerest Apologies December 1, 2010

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To everyone who either landed here looking for information on family vacations or to those of you that are here of your own volition and are about to be subjected to the most mind numbingly lame, boring, ridiculous annoying text message volley between Disneyworld & I.  Feel free to grab a HUGE cup of coffee so you don’t doze off mid-stream:

DW: when are we going to snuggle

ME: hi stranger, how was your week?

DW: i don’t know as it’s just starting for me; i can’t seem to get motivated since being back in town; when are we going to snuggle?

ME:  uh, it’s wednesday night, you better get to work slacker

DW: but it’s hard to; when are we going to snuggle

ME: i have a big party on Saturday

DW: you’re on!

ME: uh, i meant that i’m working on saturday and don’t you have a big birthday party thing?

DW: i think so, Kevin (no clue who Kevin is btw) is planning it all and won’t tell us anything; when are we going to snuggle?

ME: huh, that makes it sort of difficult for you to invite anyone

DW: yup, he won’t give up any details; so what about that snuggle? *at least he changed the fucking wording*

ME: maybe sunday


*end scene*

OMG! How bored must I be to have not only text messaged back and forth so much, but to have text messaged back and forth so much on an absolutely nothing topic!   WTF does he mean by snuggle?  We haven’t even kissed yet!  And I think we all (all 3 of us) know that that can’t be good news for him as we’re all very well aware of my love of all things kissing ……. 😉


7 Responses to “My Sincerest Apologies”

  1. everevie Says:

    I know what “snuggle” means to my guy. And it doesn’t mean: Snuggle.

  2. That’s almost as good as, “do you want a massage?”

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