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Oh, So NOW I Get It…… May 31, 2013

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We’re all familiar with the ‘Thank God It’s Friday’ cheer that rolls around every week.  While I understand it, I don’t work a traditional work week, so it’s never been all that exciting for me.  Sure, I love 2 days off in a row as much as the next idiot with 2 full time jobs and no social life guy, but it rarely happens.  Aside from this weekend.  Yes, both Saturday & Sunday are mine to do with as I please.  Which will inevitably be to catch up on TiVo, play with the dogs, eat like shit and drink alone, but whatever.  I’m a big fan of weekends, don’t get me wrong.  I’ve just never been more excited about a Saturday/Sunday off than I have been about a Monday/Tuesday off.  Until this week.  After completing 2 of the shittiest weeks in the history of , well, me.  For ease of reading, I’ll just list out what these past 12 days have heaped upon me:

1) I was robbed

2) I got in trouble at job #2 not only for getting robbed (yes, they’re a very special company), but a second time for screwing up

3) I was informed that I will be switching ‘teams’ meaning that I will have a new boss.  A new boss that won’t put up with anything not strictly by the book.  A new boss that has no one else on his team with another job.  A new boss that apparently drew the short straw.  Awesome.

4) A shitty e-mail from TD’s ex

5) An unsympathetic call from TD regarding aforementioned shitty e-mail

6) A date with a very creepy looking man with a bulging vein in his bald head (who, when I was telling another friend about him knew exactly who I was talking about as she’s met him too.  and was equally as creeped out) who wants to live to be 25 and pretty much judged me the entire time

7) A date with a very nice teacher who opted to end the date mid-sentence on me

8) A follow-up e-mail from TD’s ex wife that made her 1st one seem almost pleasant

9) Another call from TD to let me know that he was going to ‘stay out of it’ aka: not defend me or tell his ex that she’s totally out of line and off the mark (thinking of posting the last one she sent…….stay tuned) ~ in essence announcing that after almost 2 years of being the world’s biggest doormat/dumbass/pathetic puppy/overly trusting moron doing pretty much everything for TD and his kids, that I rank somewhere right below sugar ants in importance

10) The realization that I am, in fact, the loser that bitchtastic ex accused me of being (although she’s a f*ing train wreck, but I think that makes it even worse that she thinks I’m pathetic)

11) It’s going to hit record temps this weekend, so no fun outside

12) I had a creepy man send me a creepy photo via text

13) Only one of the guys that I messaged, winked at, favorited opted to respond

14) Was supposed to go to a fun lock & key event tonight (men have keys, women wear locks ….. all very phallic) but my friend cancelled on me …… again

15) My knee, for some awesome reason is the size of a cantaloupe ……. and it’s shorts season!

Damn, I’m sure there’s more, but I think that is MORE than enough for me to be screaming THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY from the top of my lungs.  Now that my little bitching/whining fest is over (for now ~ you’re welcome), I will tell you that I need a definite attitude adjustment in the next hour as I am going to happy hour at 3.  And it’s 1:45.  Any my hair looks like shit………and as I’ve not been excited about much of anything lately, I find myself really wanting things to go well so could use some crossed fingers/legs/toes/arms/whatevers on this front please.  Pretty please?  If you do, I promise to post ALL the e-mails back and forth so that each and every one of you two can realize ‘hey, my life isn’t so bad in comparison to the shit that seems to follow GG’ 😉

Thank God It’s Friday all!!!


2 Responses to “Oh, So NOW I Get It……”

  1. Matthew Says:

    I didn’t know phone calls from TD were involved in this too!

    Way for him to step up and rise to be a jack-ass. Why even bother with the phone call if all he’s going to say is, “I’m not going to get involved.”?

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