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Duck! October 31, 2010

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Okay, introspective Sunday is over (thank god!).  Back to stories from my dating past (as I don’t seem to have a dating present) ……

If you’ve read back to my post on ‘games’ that are played in (immature) relationships (something i am well versed on), you will remember the guy I dated in Boise that lived in my same apartment complex who I used to hide my car from in order to make him think I was out? (yes, i know, i’m so proud too)

Well he was a jealous sorta guy which, at the time, I took as a huge compliment.  Yikes!  Anyway, he had a friend in from Vegas one weekend (a totally HOT friend, btw) and we all went downtown to do a bit of bar hopping.  Well, the BF was a big fan of drinking (i know, he just keeps sounding better and better, huh?).  Anyway, a couple hours into our little pub crawl, I ran into a guy that I had met several times out with friends who was totally nice and sort of liked me, but I was a well behaved game playing girlfriend, not a cheater, so I left it at flirting.  So he’s at this bar that the rest of us are at and I go over to chat for a bit.  Out of the corner of my eye I see the BF stomping towards us and before I knew what was happening, he’d drawn his fist back to throw a punch at the guy.  Well being as the BF was not only a huge douche bag and sort of drunk, his aim wasn’t for shit either as he missed the guy I was talking to and nailed me right in the nose!!! Holy cow that hurt!

Of course, I run out of the bar, nose bleeding and all and am followed, of course, by not only the guy I was talking to, but my BF’s hottie friend.  Uh, where was the BF?  Inside, finishing his beer & doing shots of Jaeger!  What a total prick!  As he didn’t mean to hit me, I guess it didn’t count as actually hitting me!

Moral of the story is, if you see someone about to throw a punch, get the hell out of the way!  Oh, and above when I said I wasn’t a cheater?  Well I’m really not, but also discovered the fastest way to ‘payback’ a shitty BF is to make him think you chated on him with his BF! 🙂 I DIDN”T! We just talked ………

What can I say, he was hot and took care of me ~ bloody nose and all ….. ah to be young and dumb again ……


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