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Pathetic Me Has Left The Building September 16, 2011

And thank god for that! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I guess I should start by apologizing for my 2 day lame-fest.ย  Hey, as much as it annoyed you, imagine having to live with that shit swimming around in your head all the time!ย  It’s a wonder I’m ever sober! ๐Ÿ™‚ (speaking of which, I have a bit of an issue with my new find of Pinnacle Whipped; actually wondering if there is actually any alcohol in there, but that’s a post for another time)ย  Anywhoo, here’s a quick update before moving on.ย  That big tall douchebag lunch date never responded to my text yesterday.Rude!ย  I cried for virtual minutes seconds, so apparently I wasn’t, in fact, all that into him.ย  I do kinda feel the need to let him know that the lame ‘I’ll call you’ when you don’t mean it went out of style back in the 70s.ย  That possibly he could grow a set and just say ‘hey, nice meeting you, I don’t think we have much in common’.ย  Which we don’t.ย  Whatever.ย  I actually received a text late last night from you know who thanking me for my e-mail. Uh???? A thank you? How about an apology for hurting my feelings? So odd as he apologizes all the time, just not apparently when he should or when it’s requested. I just let it go. No really…… I think I’m evolving.ย  Or something like that.ย  A couple of people suggested the novel idea of just picking up the phone and calling to talk to him and try to figure this out, but I do believe I’d need to know what I wanted to say to him before taking on such a mature endeavor.ย  As I don’t, I won’t and thus take the avoidance approach.ย  Ahhh, that fits much better!

You’ll also notice that a couple of past blog entries have since been password protected (and no, the password is neither douchebag, nor moist, nor squirt, so get over it) as I do believe we may have had another security breach.ย  I’ve had some interesting search terms landing on my page the past couple of days.ย  As I refuse to edit what I blurt out say in here, I figured that was the best way to go and I will just be a bit more careful (again) in the future.

Now, regarding the blog.ย  Otherwise known as this rambling piece of nonsense that I seem to feel the need to post my every waking thought in.ย  The one that somehow all of you have found.ย  Aren’t you pissed lucky?ย  I don’t know why you keep coming back.ย  Nor do I know how/why new people find me either.ย  Or why they come back.ย  Unless they’re looking for something along the lines of ‘I’m so pissed he gave me herpes’ or some such search term that unfortunately landed some poor soul on my page.ย  After reading a few of my needy/whiny/annoying as shit posts, I’m sure that person is thankful that all she has is herpes and doesn’t have to live my life. ๐Ÿ˜‰ย  Anywhoo, another site, one that has dating coaches and gives dating advice has asked me to guest blog for them.ย  I can only assume they want to use me as the ‘what not to do when dating’ example, but hey, I’ll take what I can get. ๐Ÿ™‚ย  When I received the original request, I high tailed it over there to see what it was all about (as I couldn’t figure out who in the world would want me to contribute to anything unless it was maybe a suicide encouragement hotline – ooh, that was bad, sorry) and found one of my favorite new bloggers is also a part of the site!ย  Yey!ย  I’m in awesome company!ย  Unfortunately my 1st blog post came out today and as we all know, the only thing going on in my world right now is regarding you know who and my inability to pull my head out of my ass.ย  Eh, I figure maybe a dating coach can smack some sense into me………. anyway, I’m very excited and very flattered to be asked to be a part of it.ย  My posts will come out every Thursday, so mark your calendars!


19 Responses to “Pathetic Me Has Left The Building”

  1. goyagrrl Says:

    Hey GGD! That is awesome! Congrats! I am definitely going to be checking in on Thursdays! And for some absolutely unsolicited advice and my contribution of $00.02….regarding TDH, the dude is emotionally unavailable. He may be nice, he may deserve better, yadda yadda…but regardless – he is emotionally available. You are emotionally available and deserve someone that is as well. Pure and simple! Now, if it were only that easy….

  2. Matthew Says:

    Awesome, on the guest blogging part, the other stuff….ehhh. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Looking forward to reading it all.

    • Thanks Matthew, but how can you not be excited about vodka that tastes like whipped cream?

      • Matthew Says:

        Ah! I completely forgot to comment on that when I tried to make a mental note to actually comment on it.

        My folks introduced me to it, maybe, 6 months ago?? But heck yeah. Not even sure there’s alcohol in there. But that like pairing it with either a chocolate vodka?, or chocolate wine? they have.

        I think it would pair well with the dark chocolate infused vodka I made. (Which reminds me I need to begin infusing a new vodka flavor).

  3. Grey,

    So you post the blog THEN password-protect it so that subscribers get the text but people going to the web-site cannot read the posts directly? That’s an interesting idea if that’s the sequence you do it.

    Thanks, SD.

  4. everevie Says:

    So excited for new sources of Grey!! Can’t wait til NEXT Thurs now. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Also can’t wait to get my hands on some whipped cream flavored vodka. Hells yeah!!

  5. Surrey gal Says:

    I enjoyed reading it. I finally know why Webster is Webster (I must have missed that info on your blog)
    I’m not sure how this guest blog work? Will there be more posts over there, at Dating Sauce?

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