The Life & Times of a 54 Year Old Online Dater

Thoughts on My Experiences In Search of Love & Companionship, 10 Years Running

No Peeking March 11, 2018

So it’s March 11th. I declared on March 9th that I was taking the month off from online aggravation dumbasses disappointments dating. That I wasn’t going to even check my messages. Ha. Declarations be damned. I checked my messages yesterday. And kinda wish I hadn’t. Gah, not ONE of the new guys that messaged me excited me. Truth be told, none of the men that I had been messaging with excited me either.

I know I declared I would only date guys that I wasn’t insanely attracted to, but damn. Just a smidge of excitement would be good.

Today consisted of a complete muscle-head who had to mention working out in every single f*ing sentence. When I called him out on it, he defended himself by explaining why he is so obsessed with it. Good reason or not, an obsession is an obsession. Oh, and he thinks female body builders are sexy *gag*. No thanks.

The next is a ‘therapist’. Oh yey! I could use some free therapy. He asked for my number and assuming he would text me, I gave it to him. Nope, he called. Within about 4 seconds. What ensued was the most painful 20 minutes of awkward, stilted, silence ridden conversations of my life. I just wasn’t feeling it. Oh, and when I asked him about his practice, he clarified. He’s not a ‘therapist’; he’s a massage therapist. And I’m probably the only woman in the world that isn’t excited by that tidbit.

I could go on to share the other ‘gems’, but I’m just too damned annoyed at this point. Carry on with your Sunday….


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